About Us

Welcome to the premier executive jet virtual airline, ExecJet Virtual. We originally started out back in 2019 with the hope of becoming the best private jet VA out there. Emulating a real world fractional ownership airline, EJV set out to fill the gap left by other virtual airlines. Offering great flexibility, we began operations with great success, reaching 300 active pilots at our peak. We have operated since 2019, accruing millions of virtual miles, participating in events and creating our own virtual world.

Now, EJV is back with bigger ambitions than ever before. Our team of real world pilots and corporate aviation experts have come together to create the most realistic corporate aviation experience out there. Combining custom technology with real world operations, EJV is the place to go for simulated corporate aviation!

Meet our staff

ConnectING the world

EJV has an expansive fleet, highlighting the best that flight simulation has to offer! Combining the freedom to create your own flights as well as a database of real charter schedules - there is plenty to explore!


EJV is never static. We are constantly growing and changing to meet the demands of the virtual corporate world. Our systems track costs, maintenance and flight sales. Aircraft are constantly moving to match pilot usage and are retired when they are no longer profitable. If you are looking for a place that matches realism with a fast-paced and exciting type of flying, ExecJet Virtual is the place for you. We look forward to seeing you in the skies soon.