ExecJet Virtual Airlines Executives Spotted in Europe
ExecJet Virtual Airlines Executives Spotted in Europe

CHICAGO - ExecJet Virtual Airlines’ three Executive Leadership members were spotted today in Liverpool arriving from ExecJet headquarters in Chicago.

Keen-eyed plane spotters were quick to notice the US-registered Gulfstream 550 arriving late from Chicago’s Midway airport. Not only is this a peculiar arrival, but Ryan, Gabe and Michael - the founding staff of ExecJet were seen exiting the aircraft.

N852EJ arrived at 2:30 in the morning as EJV852. Although the occasional ExecJet flight will arrive in Europe, this odd trip carrying the three founders raised some eyebrows.

Aviation sleuths quickly noticed that the aircraft had flight plans filed for the remainder of the day taking the jet to Farnborough airport outside London and then onto Nice in the South of France. It is still being determined if the ExecJet founders will be on board for those flights, but it seems likely.

Many were quick to hypothesize that this unexpected trip to Europe was for meetings to bring the ExecJet brand to Europe. Farnborough and Nice are two major corporate aviation airports in Europe. Some wondered why the staff stopped in Liverpool. Theories range from a second corporate headquarters in the city or that Ryan just really wanted to tour Anfield.

With the speculation of a major international expansion, we expect an official statement from the company in the coming days.

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